Reading Materials & Lecture Notes

Class 1, Jan 14: Welcome introduction & syllabus

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Class 2, Jan 16: Global climate & environmental change: concept overview (lecture)

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Class 3, Jan 21: Global climate change: observation, attribution & policies (lecture)

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Read IPCC AR5 technical summary

Class 4, Jan 23: Dicussion/debate: Is AR5 weakening the case for anthropogenic global warming comparing to AR4?

Read Prof. Curry's blog (HW1a: reaction journal required)

Read IPCC AR4 WG1 SPM (no reaction journal)

Read IPCC AR5 WG1 SPM (HW1b:reaction journal required)

Class 5, Jan 28: Discussion/debate: What are the effective policies for mitigating global warming?

Read IPCC AR4 WG3 SPM (HW2: Write a topic essay; see "Writing Homework" for detailed instructions)

Class 6: Jan 30: Natural interanal modes of climate variability (Lecture)

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Read Power et al. 1999 on IPO (HW3: Reaction journal required)

Read Sutton and Hudson paper on AMO

Class 7, Feb 4: Discussion & role play: Are man-made aerosols intensifying the Arabian Sea tropical cyclones?

Read Evan et al. 2011 (HW4a: Reaction journal required)

Read Wang et al. 2012 (HW4b: Reaction journal required)

Class 8, Feb 6: Class Debate: Climate mitigation policy and international trade

Read this policy article (HW5: Reaction journal is required)

Class 9, Feb 11: Movie: The Island President

Read this Nature Geosci. article; notice the discussion on Maldives Island region (HW6: Reaction journal required)

Class 10: Feb 13: The Island Presisdent: Discussion/debate

HW7: Reaction journal for the movie required

Class 11: Feb 18: Guest lecture:The Science of Climate Change and Barriers to Affecting Policy Change. Dr. Jeff Kiehl, Senior Scientist, NCAR

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Read this climate change communication article (HW8: Reaction journal required)

Class 12, Feb 20: Hot topic: Hurricane Sandy/Haiyan: natural variability, human effect & policy? (To help class debate, each group leader should gather 3-5 ppt slides and put it on a flash drive)

HW9: Topic essay on Hurricanes Sanday & Taifeng Haiyan: natural variability, human impact & policy implications

Class 13, Feb 25: Movie: The 11 hour

HW10: Reaction journal for this Youtube movie ( First, Watch this Youtube movie by John Liu: China restoration, and then write the reaction journal.

Class 14, Feb 27: Discussion: The 11the hour (HW11: Reaction journal for the movie required)

Class 15, Mar 4: Discussion & role play: Global warming/icesheet melting, & US Northeast coast sea level rise/policy

Read article 1 ( HW12a reaction journal required)

Read article 2 (HW12b: Reaction journal required)

Read article 3

Class 16, Mar 6: Discussion/debate: Global warming, natural climate variability, US drought: Science and policy?

Read Nigam et al. 2011 paper

Read Dai 2012 (HW13a: Reaction journal required)

Read this US drought policy paper (HW13b: Reaction journal required)

Class 17, Mar 11: Guest Lecture: IPCC AR5: Process, Projections, and Predictions. Dr. Gerald A. Meehl from NCAR

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(HW14: Reaction journal for this article)

Read this interesting article

Class 18, Mar 13: Movie: Boy who cried warming

HW15: Reaction journal for this policy article

Class 19, Mar 18: Discussion/debate on the movie

HW16: Reaction journal for the movie

Class 20, Mar 20: Guest Lecture by Dr. Fei Chen, NCAR. Title: Effect of urban development on weather/climate

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Read this interesting article on ozone-hole treaty slowed global warming

Class 21, Apr 1: Discussion: Boulder regional action plan

Read Boulder Climate Action Plan (HW17: Reaction journal required)

Class 22, Apr 3: Class project

Holly Marcus, Alayna Wachter, Jamison Wilson

Read this suggested article by Holly

Read this suggested article by Alayna (you may ignore the facebook and twitter responses parts)

Read this suggested article by Jamison

Class 23, Apr 8: Class project

Nicholas Sella, Ian Rodriguez, Ned McElfresh

Read this article suggested by Nicholas

Read this article suggested by Ian

Read this article suggested by Ned

Class 24, Apr 10: Class project

Swithin Lui, Megan Long, Summer Hazlewood

Reading suggested by Swithin

Reading suggested by Megan

Reading 1 suggested by Summer

Reading 2 suggested by Summer

Class 25, Apr 15: Class project

Cole Harding, Chad Hamel, Matthew Fellin

Reading suggested by Cole (if the link does not work, please visit:

Reading suggested by Chad

Reading suggested by Matthew

Class 26, Apr 17: Class project

Michael Elges, Travis Donovan, Jane Culkin

Reading suggested by Jane

Reading suggested by Mike

Reading suggested by Travis

Class 27, Apr 22: Class project

Nicholas Bitzer, Adam Bernardini, Chad Alexander

Class 28, Apr 24: Discussion/debate: Human influences on climate and our environment, policy implications?

HW18a: Read this EPA website, and write a topic essay on Urban heat island mitigation

HW18b: Reaction journal for this policy article required

Class 29, Apr 29: Guest lecture: Land use/land change. Prof. R. Pielke, sr.

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Read Paper 1 (HW19: Reaction journal required)

Read Paper 2

Class 30, May 1: Concluding discussions