Reading Materials & Lecture Notes

Class 1, Jan 13: Welcome introduction & syllabus

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Class 2, Jan 15: Global climate & environmental change: concept overview (lecture)

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Class 3, Jan 20: Global climate change: observation, attribution & policies (lecture)

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Read IPCC AR5 technical summary


Class 4, Jan 22: Dicussion/debate: Is AR5 weakening the case for anthropogenic global warming comparing to AR4?

Read Prof. Curry's blog (HW1a: reaction journal required)

Read IPCC AR5 WG1 SPM (HW1b:reaction journal required)

Read IPCC AR4 WG1 SPM (no reaction journal)

Class 5, Jan 27: Movie: The Island President

Read this United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) webpost regarding Indian Ocean sea level rise (reaction journal NOT required)

Read this Nature Geosci. article, and pay particular attention to the discussion on Maldives Island region (HW2: Reaction journal required)

Class 6, Jan 29: The Island Presisdent: Discussion/debate

HW3: Reaction journal for the movie required

You are recommended to see a new 2013 movie: Thin Ice

Class 7, Feb 3: Movie: The Boy Who Cried Warming (Documentary 2012; 85minutes):

Read NOAA scientist Dr. C. Landsea's website regarding Hurricanes and Global Warming (HW4: Reaction journal required)

Class 8, Feb 5: The Boy Who Cried Warming: Discussion/debate (HW5: Reaction Journal for the movie required)

Class 9, Feb 10: Discussion/debate: What are the effective policies for mitigating global warming?

Read IPCC AR5 WG3 SPM (HW6: Write a topic essay; see "Writing Homework" for detailed instructions)

Class 10, Feb 12: Discussion & role play: Are man-made aerosols intensifying the Arabian Sea tropical cyclones?

Read Evan et al. 2011 (HW7a: Reaction journal required)

Read Wang et al. 2012 (HW7b: Reaction journal required)

Class 11, Feb 17: Class Debate: Climate mitigation policy and international trade

Read this policy article (HW8: Reaction journal required)

Class 12, Feb 19, Guest lecture: IPCC AR5: Process, Projections, and Predictions. Dr. Gerald A. Meehl from NCAR

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(HW9: Reaction journal for this article)

Class 13, Feb 24: Guest lecture:The Science of Climate Change and Barriers to Affecting Policy Change. Dr. Jeff Kiehl, Senior Scientist, NCAR

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Read this article on climate adaptation barriers in Africa (HW10: Reaction journal required)

Class 14, Feb 26: Hot topic: Global warming and extreme weather events: Hurricane Sandy/Haiyan: natural variability, human effect & policy? (To help class debate, each group leader should gather 3-5 ppt slides and put it on a flash drive)

HW11: Topic essay on hurricane Sanday & taifeng Haiyan: natural variability, human impact & policy implications

Class 15, Mar 3: Discussion: The global warming Hiatus: Has the climate stopped warming and what's the implication of hiatus on formulating policy?

Read article 1 (HW12a: Reaction journal required)

Read article 2

Read article 3

Read article 4 (HW12b: Reaction journal required)

Read this abstract of a policy assessment article associated with the hiatus

Class 16, Mar 5: Guest Lecture: Ozone hole and the role of science in formulating policy. Dr. David Fahey, NOAA

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Read this interesting article on ozone-hole treaty slowed global warming (HW13: Reaction journal required)

Class 17, Mar 10: Discussion/debate/role play: Hydraulic fracturing & environmental issue - what do we need to do when climate policy conflicts clean environment?

Read this energy policy article (HW14: Reaction journal required)

Read this EPA website regarding its effort to reconcile the goals of clean energy and environmental issue

Class 18, Mar 12: Discussion/debate: Global warming, natural climate variability, US drought: Science and policy?

Read Nigam et al. 2011 paper

Read Dai 2012 (HW15a: Reaction journal required)

Read this US drought policy paper (HW15b: Reaction journal required)

Class 19, Mar 17: Discussion: Boulder regional action plan

Read Boulder Climate Action Plan (HW16: Reaction journal required)

Read this NRC report on geoengineering (pre-publication; this is a long report; just read the parts that are of your interest)

Class 20, Mar 19: Discussion & role play: Global warming/icesheet melting, & US Northeast coast sea level rise/policy

Read article 1 ( HW17a reaction journal required)

Read article 2 (HW17b: Reaction journal required)

Read article 3

Class 21, Mar 31: Battling global warming: geoengineering approach. Work with NetZero Club from Summit Middle School

HW18a: Reaction journal for this geoengineering article is required

HW18b: Reaction journal for this Youtube movie ( First, Watch this Youtube movie by John Liu: China restoration, and then write a reaction journal.

Read this geoengineering article (no reaction journal needed)

Class 22, Apr 2: Guest lecture: Climate Threats: A More Inclusive Assessment Is Needed. Prof. R. Pielke Sr.

Download the lecture

Suggested reading 1 on LULC (HW19: Reaction journal required)

Suggested reading 2

Class 23, Apr 7: Final Project

Curtis Beutler, Morgan Frankel, Kelly Gjestvang

Suggested Reading by Curtis

Suggested Reading by Morgan

Suggested Reading 1 by Kelly

Suggested Reading 2 by Kelly

Class 24, Apr 9: Final Project

James Herod, Lucas Ibarra, Genevieve Keller-Milliken

Suggested Reading by Lucas

Suggested Reading 1 by Genevieve (read the abstract at least)

Suggested Reading 2 by Geneviev (If click doesn't work put this link in your browser -

Suggested Reading by James (chapters 4 & 5 only)

Class 25, Apr 14: Final Project

Bridgit Kodenkandath, Ryan Langhorst, Brian Lobbes

Suggested reading by Brian

Suggested Reading 1 by Ryan (brief skimming is ok)

Suggested Reading 2 by Ryan (detailed reading needed)

Suggested Reading 1 Bridgit (environmental plicy: Norway)

Suggested Reading 2 by Bridgit (Costa Rica)

Suggested Reading 3 by Bridgit (France)

Suggested Reading 4 by Bridgit (France)

Class 26, Apr 16: Final Project

Kelsa Middough, Austin Morgan, Seth Oceanak

Suggested reading by Kelsa

Suggested Reading 1 by Austin

Suggested Reading 2 by Austin

Suggested Reading 1 by Seth

Suggested Reading 2 by Seth

Class 27, Apr 21: Final Project

Tyler Pharo, Jack Porter, Ann Robertson

Suggested Reading 1 by Ann

Suggested Reading 2 by Ann (Read pages 8-9 and the last 2 pages)

Suggested reading 1 by Tyler

Suggested reading 2 by Tyler

Suggested reading 1 by Jack

Suggested reading 2 by Jack

Class 28, Apr 23: Final Project

Jordan Whiddon, Jena Wilson

Suggested Reading by Jena

Suggested reading 1 by Jordan

Suggested reading 2 by Jordan

Class 29, Apr 28: Final Project

Cheng Lu, Clara St. Martin

Suggested Reading 1 by Clara (read the executive summary only)

Suggested reading 2 by Clara

Suggested reading 1 by Cheng

Suggested reading 2 by Cheng

Class 30, Apr 30: Guest Lecture: "Anthropogenically induced earthquakes in the US" by Prof. Shemin Ge, department of geology, CU (cookies will be provided)