Spring 2021

    Our Changing Environment
  ATOC 1060

Other Recent Courses

 Atmospheric, Oceanic and Climate Dynamics (at U. Canterbury)

 Laboratory Methods

Air Pollution Chemistry
  ATOC 3500

  Atmospheric Chemistry
  ATOC 5151/CHEM 5151


 Climate Change, Energy, and Foreign Policy
 ATOC 7500


















Since first teaching introductory physics laboratory courses at Cal State Fullerton in 1980, Prof. Toohey has taught courses in physics, chemistry, atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences, sustainability, and science policy.  He received awards for outstanding teaching at the undergraduate level at Harvard University and the University of California at Irvine. During the Summer 2006 voyage of Semester at Sea, he taught courses in global ecology and biogeosciences.  In 2018, while on sabbatical as an Erskine Fellow at U. Canterbury, Christchurch, he lectured on fluid dynamics of the atmosphere and oceans.

At CU Boulder Prof. Toohey most often teaches undergraduate courses in atmospheric and oceanic sciences and atmospheric chemistry (see links at left). For a decade he served as the faculty director of three residential academic programs at CU; Environmental (Baker Hall, 2005-2009), Global Studies (Arnett Hall, 2013-2014), and Sustainability and Social Innovation (Williams Village North, 2014-2017). These are primarily first-year programs that focus on experiential learning, offering courses in a small-classroom setting that encourages participation and engagement. Prof Toohey served on CU Boulder's Flagship 2030 Undergraduate Education Committee.

Prof. Toohey will be teaching ATOC 5151 during the Fall 2019, and Energy, Climate, and Foreign Policy in Spring 2020. Beginning in 2021, he plans to develop new courses that emphasize experiential learning in the laboratory and field, focusing on modern techniques for measuring air pollutants and the influence of measurements on public policy.

The following are courses Prof. Toohey has taught over the course of his career.

Fundamental Physics Laboratory, Modern Physics (Cal State Fullerton)
Fundamental Physics Laboratory, Fundamental Physics (Cal State Fullerton)
The Atmosphere (Harvard University - head teaching fellow)
Principles of Atmospheric Chemistry (UC Irvine)
Classical Dynamics with some Electricity and Magnetism (UC Irvine)
Experimental Methods in Earth System Science (UC Irvine)
The Global Environment: Atmospheric Pollution (UC Irvine)
The Global Environment: Climate, Oceans, and Land (UC Irvine)
Remote Sensing of the Environment (UC Irvine)
General Chemistry (UC Irvine)
Honors Chemistry - Chemistry of the Environment (UC Irvine)
Honors Earth System Sceince - Chemistry of the Environment (UC Irvine)
Climate Change, Energy, and Foreign Policy (CU Boulder)
Instrumentation Lab (CU Boulder)
"CU 101" - The Student Citizen (CU Boulder)
Air Chemistry and Pollution (CU Boulder)
Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere (CU Boulder)
Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans (CU Boulder)
Introduction to Atmospheric Physics (CU Boulder)
Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics (CU Boulder)
Our Changing Environment (CU Boulder)
Introduction to Global Ecology (Semester at Sea)
Introduction to Biogeosciences (Semester at Sea)
Introduction to Sustainability (CU Boulder)
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Climate Dynamics (U. Canterbury)
Laboratory Methods (CU Boulder)

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