Current date: 06-25-2024

Last Updated: 07-12-2013

I have TA'd and guest-lectured for several classes in my department (ATOC) here at the University of Colorado.  I am also the ATOC Lead Teaching Assistant for the 2013-2014 school year.  Below are some links that might be helpful to Colorado students, or anyone interested in the type of courses the University of Colorado offers.

ATOC Course descriptions   -- I personally TA'd three sections of ATOC 1070, and have guest-lectured for ATOC 1050 and ATOC 1060.
GTP   -- The Colorado Graduate Teacher Program (GTP).  This program is great for students who are interested in becoming teachers or professors themselves.
PhET   -- A website from the Physics department that contains multiple simluations that can be used to explain physical concepts.  There are several simulations that are pertinent to atmospheric and climate science, including one specifically dedicated to explaining the greenhouse effect.
Wx Challenge   -- A weather forecasting competition hosted by the University of Oklahoma.  I personally find weather forecasting competitions beneficial for teaching meteorology and weather forecasting, as long as you have the appropriate audience.