ATOC Duane Rooftop Laboratory Measurements - 2008

CO2 Data, Feb21-May20
PM1 Data, Feb 21-May23

Overall record for the past 7 weeks.

Record for the period April 6-14

Record for the first 3 weeks

Particulate Mass and CO2 versus time over the weekend of March 15-18.  Conditions
changed from winds out of the west on days 20-22 to upslope (with snow) on days 22-25.

Here is a sample of the particle size (in this case, volume) distributions. The date is correct,
somehow the plotting program has the wrong lookup table for day of week versus date...sigh...

For the same time period, here is a number distribution. Note - there are some similarities to the mass distribution, but the
small particles aren't always correlated with the large ones (an expected result for primary particle formation by local traffic). The
Co2 and small particles are better correlated with Co2.