Wavelet Probability Analysis Homepage


This is the home of the wavelet probability analysis toolkit developed and discussed in Stevenson et al. (2010). Please follow the navigation links for more information. If you have a question about the toolkit/methods, or have found a bug, please contact Samantha Stevenson at “samantha dot stevenson at colorado dot edu”.

The toolkit is available in two formats: a command-line interface and a GUI. Both rely on Matlab, however if you would like to run the GUI on a machine without a native Matlab installation, instructions on doing so may be found on the “Download and Installation” page.

Refresher on wavelets: Wikipedia page

Stevenson et al. (2010), describes the technique and preliminary results in detail: Stevensonetal2010.pdf

Navigating this page:

Using WP Analysis: here you can find a more detailed description of all of the possible uses of wavelet probability analysis, as well as pointers to the relevant Matlab scripts if using the command-line interface.

Download and Installation: this page describes the procedure for download and installation of the toolkit, either from a tarball containing the scripts themselves or as a standalone executable.

Running the Toolkit: Contains instructions for performing several types of calculations, either with Matlab scripts or the executable.

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GFDLCM2.1 control simulation

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