ATOC 1070: Weather Lab

Important Note: ATOC 1070 Lab classes start the first week of class, the week of January 10, 2011. Students who do not attend their lab section by the second week of class will be dropped from ATOC 1070. This will allow us to enroll wait listed students.

Lab Manual: The ATOC 1070 Lab Manual is available at the CU bookstore. The manual is required.

ATOC 1070 course syllabus
Lab section schedule and TA contact information


Lab Exercises

The lab exercises posted here are to provide links for background information and weather data used in the class. The text of the instructions and the questions may differ from what is in the current Lab Manual. Remember that the Lab Manual is always the "official" version of the lab instructions!

Note: not all lecture material is posted online. Your lab TA will likely use a variety of additional material for your section.

Lab 1: Computer Orientation and Precipitation (10 Jan - 14 Jan)

Lab 2: Temperature and Pressure of Air (24 Jan - 28 Jan)

Lab 3: Atmospheric Moisture (31 Jan - 4 Feb)

Lab 4: Weather Observations (7 Feb - 11 Feb)

Dress warmly!
Begin taking individual cloud observations!

Lab 5: Light Beams: Intensity, Absorption, and Scattering (14 Feb - 18 Feb)

Lab 6: Infrared Radiation and the Greenhouse Effect (21 Feb - 25 Feb)

Note as of 21 Feb 2011: The Radiation Part 2 lab has been pushed back by three weeks due to instrument availability. The Hurricane, Wind Tunnel, and Hurricane Part 2 labs have been moved forward.

Lab 7: Hurricanes (28 Feb - 4 Mar)

Lab 8: Wind Tunnel Experiments (7 Mar - 11 Mar)

Lab 9: Hurricanes Part 2: Forecasting and Preparedness (14 Mar - 18 Mar)

Lab 10: Radiation Part 2: Radiation in the Atmosphere (28 Mar - 1 Apr)

Lab 11: Weather Balloon Sounding (4 Apr - 8 Apr)

Dress warmly!

Lab 12: Severe Storms (11 Apr - 15 Apr)


Weather Links

Local Weather Observations

ATOC Skywatch Observatory - atmospheric science instrumentation at CU-Boulder
ATOC Weather Network - University of Colorado - current and past weather observations from the roof of Duane Physics
NCAR Foothills Lab - current weather NCAR Foothills Lab
NCAR Mesa Lab - current weather at NCAR Mesa Lab
Niwot Ridge - weather data from 11,572 feet
NWS DIA observations - National Weather Service observations from Denver International Airport

Weather and Climate Data

NCEP Daily Weather Map - easy to use archive of US weather maps
Climate Data Center - Boulder Data - climate information for Boulder
NWS Denver climate data - NWS historical daily weather data from Denver International Airport
University of Wyoming upper air data
University of Wyoming soundings
Plymouth State surface map archive
Plymouth State make-your-own map
NWS HPC surface analysis

Weather Forecasts

NWS Boulder Forecast - NWS five day forecast for Boulder, CO
NCAR RAP Weather

More Weather Products

NWS Model Output Statistics
NCEP Ensemble Forecasts
NWS Active Warnings/Watches - storm warnings across the US
Unisys Weather - forecast maps, balloon soundings, and more
Vaisala Lighting Explorer - national map of lightning strikes over the previous hour
Colorado Road Conditions
SNOTEL Individual Station plots - snow and temperature data from mountain locations in the Western US
SNOTEL Basin Average Data


CU-Boulder Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
AMS DataStreme - weather summaries, maps, meteorology tutorials


Cloudman - nice pictures of the basic cloud types
Greg Thompson's In the Clouds Photography
Plymouth State College Cloud Boutique
Univ. of Illinois WW2010 Cloud Types

Organizations, Offices, and Research Centers

National Weather Service
NWS Denver/Boulder Office
National Hurricane Center - warnings, images, storm names & histories, hurricane flight logs
National Storms Prediction Center - severe storm and tornado forecasts
National Severe Storms Lab
Joint Typhoon Warning Center
Intelliweather - weather graphics
Intellicast - weather radar from around the country, and more
The Weather Channel - national maps, forecasts, etc.
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)
Colorado Climate Center
Climate Analysis Branch of NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory
National Climate Data Center
National Geophysical Data Center - tree ring, sunspot, ice core data, etc.
National Snow and Ice Data Center - glaciers, polar ice caps
Cryosphere Today - another site for glaciers, polar ice caps
Western Regional Climate Center - climate and snow data for western states
Surface Stations - details about climate reporting stations
Alaska Climate Research Center
American Meteorological Society (AMS)
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Denver-Boulder AMS chapter
Metropolitan State College AMS chapter
National Center for Atmospheric Research
NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

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