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This page on the wiki was constructed to assist in isolating talks or posters of potential interest presented from those in our own department. The shear size of AGU makes it difficult to see every talk/poster that those attending would like, let alone trying to see talks/posters of those in ATOC. Thus, this is set up for two reasons.

  • Have an accessible list of everyone in the department who in attending and presenting.
  • Decrease the grandeur of AGU and help us ATOCers find each other in the crowd.

Name Type Title Session Email
Ryan Neely Instrument Talk/Remote Sensing Initial Results from CAPABL High Resolution Remote Sensing-Monday 1:50
Yolanda Roberts Radiative Transfer Data Analysis Multivariate Analysis of Hyperspectral Earth-reflected Solar Radiance A53G:Climate Processes and Other Research Applications Enabled by Satellite Sounders, Imagers, and Profilers III - Friday, 3:10pm
Samuel LeBlanc Radiative Transfer Retrieval of aerosol properties, surface albedo, and radiative forcing from SSFR, AATS-14 and HSRL measurements during CalNex and ARCTAS A24B. Biomass Burning: New Findings and Analyses From Multiple Perspectives IV - Tuesday, 5:15pm
Jason English Aerosol microphysical modeling Geoengineering: Impacts of Stratospheric Sulfur Injection Schemes on Aerosol Size Distribution... A51B. Physics and Chemistry of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere I Posters - Friday, 8:00am
Jesse Nusbaumer Global Climatology A climatology of atmospheric rivers based on NCEP Reanalysis and Variability associated with ENSO. A53B. Atmospheric Rivers: A Grand Challenge for Hydrometeorology, Flood, and Water Sciences II Posters
Eric Wolf Aerosol Modeling, Paleoclimatology Fractal Organic Hazes: Implications for the Archean Moscone South 306, Monday @ 5:30, Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres II
Brian Seok Biosphere/atmosphere interactions What is causing morning nitric oxide "pulse" above the canopy at a forested site in northern Michigan? FRIDAY 13:40, A53C-0250 Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange of Reactive Trace Gases and Their Role in the Chemistry of Ozone and Aerosols III Posters seok [AT] colorado
John Cassano Polar Observations Use of UAVs in extreme environments: UAV observations of the Antarctic atmosphere and surface during winter Monday 08:00, Session NH11C-07,(Moscone West) MW-3001
John Cassano Polar Climate Modeling Atmospheric results from a regional Arctic climate model: Comparison of coupled and uncoupled simulations Tuesday 16:00, Session A24D-01, (Moscone West) MW-3008
Ethan D. Peck Energetic Particle Precipitation and Atmospheric Coupling Effect of energetic particle precipitation on the atmosphere as simulated by WACCM Wednesday 8:00-12:20, SA31B. Heliosphere-Atmosphere Coupling and Climate II Posters (Moscone South)
Matthias Brakebusch Utilizing MLS and SD-WACCM for polar ozone loss investigation Polar Ozone Loss in a Changing Climate 12/15/2010 8:15, MW-3006, A31F-02
Lin Su Aerosol Modeling/Validation Similarities and differences between Asian and Saharan dust from models,satellite- and ground-based data Friday 1:40pm, NH53A-1255, Remote Sensing and Modeling of Dust Storms: Monitoring and Forecasting Posters
Julie Lundquist High Performance Super Computing & Wind Energy GC23A-0902. Local and Regional Impacts of Large Scale Wind Energy Deployment Tuesday 1:40pm, GC23A. Climate Modeling in Support of Policy Decision Making: Needs and Limitations I Posters
Julie Lundquist Wind Power Meteorology A41F-0151. Effect of wind turbine wakes on cropland surface fluxes in the US Great Plains during a Nocturnal Low Level Jet. Thursday 8:00am, A41F. Wind Power Meteorology I Posters
Julie Lundquist Wind Power Meteorology A41F-0154. Performance of a wind-profiling LIDAR in the region of wind turbine rotor disks. Thursday 8:00am, A41F. Wind Power Meteorology I Posters
Julie Lundquist Wind Power Meteorology A41F-0157. The effects of varying meteorological conditions on power production at a central North American wind farm. Thursday 8:00am, A41F. Wind Power Meteorology I Posters
Adriana Bailey Aerosol Growth Using stable water isotopes to distinguish aerosol chemistry from transport A33F. Nucleation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosols II Posters, Wed. 1:40pm Moscone South
Kelly Baustian Ice Nucleation Importance of Chemical Composition for Ice Nucleation: A Combined Field and Laboratory Approach A23E-04. Ice Formation and Multiplication in Tropospheric Clouds II, Tuesday 1:40pm, M006
Eric Wolf Aerosol Modeling, Paleoclimate A FRACTAL AGGREGATE MODEL OF EARLY EARTH ORGANIC HAZES: UV SHIELDING WITH MINIMAL ANTIGREENHOUSE COOLING Poster Hall Moscone South. Monday at 8 AM. Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres I (Posters)

Drink/Food Activities

ATOCers Night Out Rogue Tap House(The one on North Beach) Wednesday, 7pm