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Oceanography Seminar

Oceanography Seminar Fall 2013

For current degree seeking students at CU Boulder, this seminar make be taken for course credit (1 semester hour) as ATOC 6020-814.  Please contact the ATOC graduate program assistant  ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you wish to officially enroll for this seminar.  You can find course materials at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/

LOCATION: NEW LOCATION: Ekeley Sciences Building S-274 (CIRES Fellows Room)

NOTE: SPECIAL LOCATION for 7 October, CIRES Auditorium (3rd Floor, Ekeley Sciences Building)

DAY and TIME: Mondays, 400pm-500pm


August 26: Organizational Meeting, mandatory for enrolled students

September 2: Labor Day Holiday, no seminar

September 9: Dr. Marika Holland, NCAR. Sea ice predictability on seasonal to interannual timescales.  Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~whan/Ralph/holland_antarctic_predict_2013.pdf and http://atoc.colorado.edu/~whan/Ralph/holland_etal_predict.pdf

September 16: Assistant Professor Nicole Lovenduski, ATOC/INSTAAR.  Carbon in the Southern Ocean: Known knowns and known unknowns**  Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures/Lovenduski_2013.pdf

September 23: Dr. Stephen Yeager, NCAR. The past, present, and future of the meridional overturning circulation in the Atlantic.  Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures/Yeager_etal_JClim2012.pdf

September 30: Dr. Ralph Milliff, CIRES.  A Bayesian Hierarchical Model to Estimate Parameters of a Lower-Trophic Level Ocean Ecosystem Model**.  Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures/Milliff_etal_DraftForATOC6020.pdf.

October 7:  SPECIAL LOCATION CIRES Auditorium (3rd Floor, Ekeley Sciences Building) Distinguished Professor Dudley Chelton, CEOAS Oregon State University.  The Influence of Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies on Surface Stress. Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures/

October 14: Dr. Frank Bryan, NCAR. Air-Sea Interaction on the Ocean Mesoscale.  NOTE change in location: beginning with this lecture, all future Ocean Seminars in Ekeley Sciences S274 (CIRES Fellows Room).

October 21: Dr. Ben Hamlington, CIRES. Tsunami Early Detection and Warning Using Satellite Remote Sensing. Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures

October 28: Assistant Professor Peter Hamlington, MCEN.  Langmuir Turbulence in the Oceanic Mixed Layer.  Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures/

November 4: Dr. Joanie Kleypas, NCAR. Ocean Acidification and its Impacts on Coral Reef Ecosystems. Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures/

November 11: Research Professor Robert Leben, ASEN/CCAR** An Introduction to Remote Sensing of the Gulf of Mexico.  Suggested readings available at http://atoc.colorado.edu/~milliff/ATOC-6020-814/Lectures/

November 18:   Katherine McCaffrey, ATOC/CIRES. Characterizations of Turbulence at a Tidal Energy Site.

November 25: Fall Break, no seminar

December 2: Graduate student practice talks of AGU

December 9: AGU, San Francisco

 **Long-version primers for Boulder Fluid Dynamics Seminar presentations on Tuesdays
immediately following Ocean Seminar dates.  See http://boulderfluidsseminar.org.





Events & Seminars

Spring 2014

ATOC Distinguished Lecture, Wednesday, April 2, 10:30am in CIRES Auditorium:  Professor, Sarah Gille, University of California San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  Climate Change in the Southern Ocean: Exploring the Role of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

NCAR/UCAR Calander of Events: http://www2.ucar.edu/for-staff/daily/calendar-grid/view